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How do you recover lost funds/assets?

Stolen funds or assets are recovered through extra professional medium, this implies running series of forensic investigations diligently in other to prevent false claims and to overcome blackmails from fake victims. In another sense after series of professional and thorough investigations by our legal practitioner team, a confidential letter is being sent to all perpetrators allowing them give access to enable thorough investigations in their database and then after finding similar evidence or traces of fraud, they are later charge to face trial.

How do you pay back recovered funds to the rightful owners?

We pay back recovered funds to the rightful owner via two medium, bank transfer and cryptocurrency.

How long does it take to recover lost/stolen assets?

It take 2 to 3 weeks to recover stolen funds /assets back to the rightful owners, but in a situation whereby it goes above 3weeks, we pay an additional fee to hire more legal practitioners so as to enable us win the court case, as it might not always be swift to recover funds from illegal organizations.

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